Fitness, Beauty, and Relationships in the BRCA World

Sarah Messali tested positive for a mutation in the BRCA2 gene when she was 18 years old. By her early 20s, she was getting regular breast screenings. Watching her mother go through a diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer solidified her decision to pursue a prophylactic mastectomy with reconstruction. Sarah has written extensively about how her surgeries and long recoveries have impacted her life and her young children. Her writing includes a deeply personal look at how she feels about her breasts and how this has impacted her self-esteem, her dating life, and her passion for weightlifting, health, and physical fitness. 

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Story Reference Points

Sarah’s BRCA2 positive result at age 18 @ 1:42
Sarah’s decision to pursue a prophylactic mastectomy @ 5:46
Breast reconstruction outcomes @ 13:45 
Breast reconstruction, fitness, and 2nd opinions @ 17:44
Sarah loses her aunt to breast cancer in 2nd grade @ 24:53
Dating in a new chapter of life @ 27:10
Sarah’s boudoir photo shoot @ 31:25

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