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For Healthcare Providers

For Healthcare Providers

 Consulting Services For Your PracticeCounseling Services For Your Patients

Grey Genetics can partner with you to help provide genetics services to your patients in a way that makes the most sense for you and your practice. There are multiple models that can work well, depending on your specialty, your patient population, your patient volume, and your interest in handling genetic testing within your office vs. referring out.

Telehealth consults make it possible for Grey Genetics to include your patients along with relevant family members in a videoconference, even if they live far apart. Grey Genetics can also help you to overcome language barriers if your patients speak French or Spanish, either by providing genetic counseling services in French or Spanish directly to your patients, or through helping you and your staff out with specific language barriers as they come up.




By providing genetics services to your patients,

Grey Genetics can help with any of these key components.



and Guidelines



The starting point is knowing what you’re looking for and why.

Understanding basic genetics principles at the disease level is the place to start. Knowing what major societal guidelines say about who, why, when and how to test is also important. Grey Genetics can help get your practice up to speed and keep you abreast of the latest guideline updates.




Patients want to know why you are offering them testing.

There are two-minute versions and two-hour versions of pre-test conversations. Patients need to understand the risks, benefits, and limitations of any genetic testing offered. This can be handled within a physician’s office or referred out. Hybrid systems and case-by-case systems can work too!




Patients need to understand the implications of their results.  

Patients need an understanding of what their results mean for their own medical care. They also need to understand the implications for family members. Depending on case specifics, a post-test conversation may be simple or quite involved. Grey Genetics can help with each case or just the more complex ones.

Systems for




Genetics has to fit into your practice routines.

Knowing guidelines is not enough. Systems and checklists are essential for ensuring that you are capturing relevant information to identify patients who meet guidelines for testing. Genetics is important, but it’s rarely urgent. If genetic risk assessment is not integrated into your practice routines, it is often forgotten.





The value of genetic testing lies in how results inform care.

Results of genetic testing should impact medical management, even if only to affirm a standard plan of care. Particularly when results are positive, appropriate referrals to relevant specialists are often in order. Some practices have nurse navigators who handle this; others lack the bandwidth or the referral network to handle this case management. Grey Genetics can help!





Tracking patient outcomes inspires and instructs.  

Although not essential for care of your individual patients, tracking which patients you have tested, what their results have been, and how genetic testing has impacted their medical management and their family members can not only be valuable for publications but also encouraging to your staff and inspiring to your colleagues. This is Personalized Medicine.


 Grey Genetics Packages

Basic Genetics Support Package

• Initial customized assessment of practice to see where and how evidence-based genetic testing can be effectively integrated and/or review of current systems, processes and protocols in place. 

• Unlimited ongoing support as needed by phone and email. 

• Updates when new societal guidelines become available with review of practice protocols to ensure that all appropriate patients for referral to genetic counseling and/or testing are being identified. 

Set-up fee: $350

Monthly fee: $35 

Genetic Counseling & Support Package

• All the elements included in the Grey Genetics Basic Support Package

• Comprehensive genetic counseling services for up to 2 patients a month. 

• Patients book appointments through the online scheduling system by using the Client-specific code. 

• Consult notes are sent by encrypted email to patient as well as referring healthcare provider.

Set-up Fee: $350

Monthly fee: $535

Grey Genetics Premier Support Package

• All of the benefits of the Grey Genetics Basic Support Package + comprehensive genetic counseling services for your patients.

• Pre- and post-test counseling and related follow-up as needed for up to 8 patients per month.

• Co-branded consult notes will be sent to patients as well as referring physician by secure encrypted email.

• This package can be customized depending on your expected patient volume.

Set-up Fee: $350

Monthly fee: $2,000 

Genetic Counseling Services Package

• Pre-and post test counseling for up to 4 patients per month.

• Patients will use the Client-specific referral code to book appointments through the online scheduling system.

• Consult notes will be sent to patients as well as referring physician by secure encrypted email.

• This is a great option for practices that don’t need help with referral guidelines but are just looking for genetic counseling services for their patients. 

Set-up fee: $0

Monthly fee: $935 

Don’t see a package plan that works for you? No worries.

We offer customizable package options to accommodate the needs of your practice.