Genetic Counselors as Patient Advocates

Caroline Lieber was on a pre-med track in college in 1973 when she first heard about the new field of genetic counseling. Her career plans changed that day. Forty-five years later, after 18 years of clinical experience, 15 years as the Director of the Human Genetics Program at Sarah Lawrence College, and 5+ years working as a consultant for commercial genetic testing labs and newly minted Genetic Counseling programs, Patient Advocacy remains her passion. She shares the stories of patients that have stuck with her, whose strength and resiliency continue to inspire her.


”A WILD RIDE: A Genetic Counselor Undergoes Genetic Testing” – Caroline’s blog post on her experience with undergoing BRCA testing. May 13, 2015.

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Story Reference Points

Patient story #1 @ 9:20

Patient story #2 @ 17:55

Caroline’s own story with genetic testing @ 33:28

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