Gratitude After Gastrectomy

When Cherielee was 26 years old, she was found to carry a mutation in the CDH1 gene. Her genetic diagnosis led her down a path that included a prophylactic gastrectomy at the age of 30, followed by multiple complications. Today, Cherielee is 31 years old, still recovering but very glad of her decision to undergo prophylactic surgery and grateful for her aunt’s cancer diagnosis and testing that allowed her to take steps to prevent cancer. Cherie is passionate about the need for doctors to focus on their patients’ cancer family history and either offer hereditary cancer testing or refer their patients on to a genetic counselor. She also recently started an Instagram account focused on Stomach Cancer Awareness: @previvor_perspective

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Story Reference Points

Cherie’s aunt is found to carry a CDH1 mutation @ 1:56
Cherie’s mother gets involved with No Stomach for Cancer and has genetic testing done through a genetic counselor @ 7:17
Medical management for someone with a mutation in CDH1 @ 10:30
Cherie and her younger brother and sister consider testing @ 15:26
Cherie receives her positive test results @ 17:57
From screenings to prophylactic gastrectomy @ 19:59
Multiple complications and a long recovery @ 24:04
Adjusting to life without a stomach @ 29:40
Breast screenings and a decision about prophylactic mastectomy @ 34:15
Cherielee’s story inspires her fiancé’s career @ 35:52
Cascade testing saves other relatives’ lives @ 39:40
Looking ahead to family planning @ 40:54
Inspiration to start the @previvor_perspective
Instagram account @ 43:32
Why are doctors missing patients who should be offered testing? @ 47:07

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