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What is a Genetic Counselor?

A genetic counselor is a healthcare professional with special training in medical genetics and counseling. They look at your family health history, provide risk assessment, give recommendations related to genetic testing, explain the implications of test results for different family members, and support you in the decisions you make.

How could a genetic counselor help me?

If you have a personal or family history of cancer or any other hereditary disease, a genetic counselor can help you understand your risks as well as how DNA testing may or may not be helpful for you. If you have already had genetic testing done, a genetic counselor can assist you in interpreting your results within the context of your personal and family health history. 


Your Path Is Unique!

Wherever you find yourself in life, a genetic counselor can help you navigate your options and choose the path that’s best for you. We offer everything from Cancer Genetics or Family Planning Consults to Review of DTC test results, a more basic Genetics Chat, or a free 10 minute consultation. Check out our services and find a consultation that works for you!  


Are you a physician or administrator thinking of incorporating telemedicine into your practice?

Grey Genetics can partner with your practice to provide genetic counseling for your patients.   
These statistics speak to the growing number of institutions utilizing cloud-based services which are designed to provide ease and convenience to your medical practice. 



Percentage of healthcare executives who have implemented telemedicine programs in the United States.


Percentage of individuals who have reported they would attend a telehealth appointment via video conference.

Number of states currently upholding laws mandating health plans cover telemedicine services.


Percentage of rural Americans who stand to benefit from telemedicine services.