GRIN2B: An Odyssey from Diagnosis to Evacuation

Nadia Billous is a mother of two young sons, including 9-year-old Andryusha who was diagnosed with GRIN2B-related neurodevelopmental disorder. Nadia and her family are Ukrainian and lived in Kyiv at the time of Andryusha’s birth. At first, he was a typical, healthy baby but began to have some alarming symptoms around 3 months of age which led to a 7 year odyssey to identify this rare diagnosis. Andryusha was receiving therapies and interventions to help him gain strength and prove his quality of life which were abruptly impacted by the war in Ukraine. In this episode, Nadia talks about her life as a parent of a child with GRIN2B, the remarkable support her family received from the GRIN2B Foundation and rare disease community.

Nadia was interviewed by guest host Kristina Inman, a second year genetic counseling student. An interpreter assisted with this interview.


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