Growing in Empathy: Learning to Take My Own Advice and Seeing the Person Before the Patient

Genetic Counselor Christina Kresge talks about her most memorable cases from providing pediatric and adult genetic counseling services to an underserved population in and around Newark, NJ over the past eight years. She also shares her own recent experience as a patient going through her first pregnancy, grappling with the implications of a positive carrier testing result.

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Story Reference Points

Patient story #1: Myotonic Dystrophy @ 4:34 

Patient story #2: Sialidosis @ 9:15 

Patient story #3: A rare recessive condition* and an unexpected finding on microarray @ 14:49 

Patient story #4: Newborn Screening and Homocystinuria @ 22:49 

Patient story #5: Christina’s own story with prenatal carrier testing @ 25:41 

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