“I have FH, FH doesn’t have me!”

Fran Emmolo Gamella is a young mother of two living with Familial Hypercholesterolemia. She was diagnosed with FH in her mid-20s but it wasn’t until she had a heart attack at age 31 that she became really serious about her medical care. Her six-year-old daughter has also been diagnosed with FH. Fran works as a Medical Assistant in a primary care practice setting and is passionate about raising awareness for FH. LDL of  >190—definitely get it checked out! 


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Grey Genetics News Corner blog post: Familial Hypercholesterolemia: Screening, diagnosis and management of pediatric and adult patients. National Lipid Association. 2011.

Grey Genetics News Corner blog post: What can 23andMe results tell you about your cholesterol-related risks?

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Story Reference Points

Fran’s diagnosis with FH in her mid-20s… and her 6yo daughter’s diagnosis @ 1:52
So…. what is FH? @ 7:49
23andme and FH testing @ 11:28
Misperceptions of what it “looks like” to have high cholesterol @ 13:55
Fran on being a non-compliant or “bad” patient @ 16:55
Fran’s heart attack… and her denial of the symptoms @ 18:30 
Adjusting to what it takes to live a healthy life with FH @ 22:40
Challenges of insurance coverage @ 25:34

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