At-Home DNA Test Review + Family History Review:

From a Genetic Counselor to You

Grey Genetics is excited to offer some new services that aim to answer your family history and DNA test questions.

Our two new services are a Family History Review and an

At-Home DNA Test Results + Family History Review.


Some of the most pressing questions we receive include:

“I haven’t taken a test, but I know I have a family history of cancer, does that mean I’m at risk?”
“I took a 23andMe test and the report came back positive for X variant, what does that mean? Is that true?”
“Should I pursue genetic testing? And what kind of genetic testing?”
“I’m planning a family – should I get genetic testing?”
“I’m not ready to see a Genetic Counselor, I just want to know what steps I should take next?”

Searching around for these answers online is often frustrating as so much depends on the specifics of your personal and family history. Searching around for these answers online on your own can lead to irrelevant information that is discouraging.

How Does It Work?

When you purchase a Family History Review, or an At-Home DNA Test + Family History Review, a certified genetic counselor will look at your family history and/or test results and provide you with a personalized review.

All you have to do is fill out a family history form and upload your DNA test report and click send. It’s that easy.

These services are not a substitute for genetic counseling, nor intended as such. These are simple services where you can get your questions answered by an expert who can provide you with insights regarding your genetics questions, test report, family history, and give you some actionable next steps!