Introducing Patient Stories!

 A couple weeks ago on Instagram, we crowdsourced some artwork for a “special project”. We received some great feedback, and after a lot of hard work we are ready to spill the tea. As some of you may have guessed — our special project is a Podcast!


No, not another one.

You’re probably thinking there is no more space in your life, brain, or podcast library for yet another show filled with scientific obscurity about genetics and hereditary conditions. But fear not!


We are telling stories on our podcast!

And not just any stories. They are stories from patients —  who deal with real life situations with their real genetic conditions.

They are stories from genetic counselors — their experiences in providing support and counseling to these patients, and the patient stories that impact and remain with them.

Today, headlines surrounding genetics emphasize the cold, impersonal, and scientific components — how many news stories do you see talking about the patient experience?

Exactly! Not that many. Patient Stories is a podcast for any who want to enter into the personal side of genetics – for any who love both science and stories. 

Patient Stories introductory episode is up on iTunes!

Subscribe and stay tuned for Episode 1.

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