Losing My Mother, Previving For My Children 

At just 13, Heather lost her mother to breast cancer. Fifteen years later, a mother herself, Heather had genetic testing done and learned that she carried a mutation in a BRCA gene. Heather shares her experience as a previvor–from genetic counseling to finding the right doctors to her continued involvement in the BRCA community and the many changes she’s witnessed since she was tested in 2005.

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Story Reference Points

Heather learns that she carries a BRCA1 mutation @ 1:20
Making major medical decisions and finding the right doctors @ 7:54
Heather’s children’s books @ 19:59
Heather remembers her mother @ 22:19
Heather’s surveillance today and memories of scanxiety @ 27:24
The Breast Advocate app @ 29:14
Life after an oophorectomy @ 31:30 
Heather’s children’s and their BRCA risks @ 36:07
BRCA resources: then and now and the shift toward shared decision making @ 41:00
Heather’s advice to individuals considering genetic testing @ 43:35
Heather’s advice to individuals looking for the right doctors @ 45:08

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