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Not Parent Expected (NPE): The Untethering & My Own Story

Last year, Maggie Chenard (aka “The Mindful NPE”) received ancestry testing as a gift from her adult children. Her results were not at all what she was expecting. She now identifies as an NPE (Not Parent Expected). She also learned that her ancestry is 50% Ashkenazi Jewish. This led her to find and participate in The BRCA Founder Outreach (BFOR) Study, which offers individuals of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry genetic testing for the three BRCA mutations common in this population. Already a meditator, Maggie found that staying in the present moment and being mindful helped her to process her experience with less pain. She started The Mindful NPE social media accounts to support others going through similar experiences, promoting self compassion, acceptance and community for NPEs.


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Watershed DNA: Genetic counseling services focused on genealogy and ancestry
mindful npe

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