Eleanor Griffith, MS, CGC

Education: B.A., English, Saint Olaf College, 2003. M.S., Human Genetics, Sarah Lawrence College, 2011. 

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Areas of Expertise: Cancer Genetics

Licenses: CA, NJ, IA, IL, IN, OH, PA, UT

Biography: Eleanor is the owner and founder of Grey Genetics. While her interests in genetics are broad, she specializes in genetic counseling related to common hereditary cancer syndromes. She enjoys working with individuals and families to help them understand the impact of their cancer family history on their own cancer risks, as well as when and how genetic testing may be helpful in guiding medical management changes to minimize these risks. She founded the Grey Genetics Network to provide a platform for patients and genetic counselors to connect directly. 

Features: Founder of Grey Genetics | Host of Patient Stories podcast | “Meet Eleanor Griffith: Founder and Genetic Counselor of Grey Genetics” – Grey Genetics News Corner | Author of many of the blog posts on the Grey Genetics News Corner:

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