Janine Mash, MS, CGC

Education: B.S., Genetics, Cell Biology and Development  University of Minnesota, 2005. M.S., Genetics, University of Colorado-Denver, 2009

Areas of Expertise: Prenatal, DTC

Affiliations and Disclosures: San Francisco Genetic Counseling

Licenses: CA

Biography: Janine Mash is the owner and founder of San Francisco Genetic Counseling. She has been a certified genetic counselor for nearly 10 years, specializing in reproductive, fertility and prenatal counseling. Trained at the University of Colorado – Denver, Janine obtained an extensive background in laboratory testing before moving onto clinical work at Natera, UCSF, and Stanford. 

Features: “Trisomies, Pregnancy Loss, and Options Counseling” – Patient Stories Podcast

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