Laura Marx, MS, CGC


Education: B.A., Sociology (Minor in Biological Sciences), Hunter College, 2017, and M.S., Genetic Counseling, University of Cincinnati, 2019

Areas of Expertise: General Genetics (Pediatrics, Adult, & Rare Disease)

Licenses: MT

Affiliations and Disclosures: Carelon Medical Benefits Management

Biography: Laura received her master’s degree in genetic counseling from the University of Cincinnati in 2019.  Laura has held roles as a clinical genetic counselor (Genetics and Metabolic Clinic – St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital in Boise, ID), research genetic counselor (Yale University School of Medicine), and clinical genomic scientist (Invitae).  Currently, Laura is a Genetic Counselor Reviewer at Carelon Medical Benefits Management (formerly known as AIM Specialty Health), a subsidiary of Elevance Health (formerly known as Anthem).  

Laura’s perspective and skillset as a genetic counselor are unique and are informed by her diverse experiences and roles which have included the following: 

  • Provide compassionate and empathic care, education, and support to patients and families seen for a wide variety of known or suspected conditions, such as inborn errors of metabolism, chromosome abnormalities, connective tissue disorders, neurologic and neurodegenerative disorders, cardiomyopathy, hearing loss, multiple congenital anomalies, mitochondrial disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, and ocular disorders. 
  • Collaborate with medical geneticists to identify the most appropriate genetic test(s) for patients based on their specific clinical scenarios, financial limitations, and insurance coverage.  
  • Launch a 13-site, National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded study searching for genetic causes of recurrent pregnancy loss (via whole genome sequencing, or WGS).  
  • Coordinate the collection of patient samples which were used to create undifferentiated cell lines and “mini brains” (patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and brain organoids, respectively) to learn more about rare genetic causes of neurodevelopmental disorders. 
  • Review clinical details and published literature to determine and report the meaning of patients’ genetic test results according to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) of a well-known diagnostic genetic testing laboratory.
  • Critically evaluate requests for insurance coverage of genetic tests ordered across all specialties against clinical appropriateness guidelines, while considering patients’ unique clinical scenarios and nuances among the many commercially available diagnostic genetic testing options.  

In all her roles it has been Laura’s priority to be an advocate and ally for patients and families. Laura joined the Grey Genetics network to continue working towards this goal by resuming direct patient care and expanding access to genetic counseling services. 

Outside of work, Laura enjoys partaking in outdoor activities with her two Labrador Retriever-mixes, George and Enzo.  Film photography and jazz saxophone are two past hobbies that she is hoping to restart.



  • Presentations about complex case scenarios for GENCOUN 533 – Principles and Practices of Genetic Counseling IV (January-February 2023) as part of Boise State University’s Master of Science in Genetic Counseling: 

    • Prenatal Decision-Making – Testing and/or Termination
    • Updates on the Topic of Recontacting Patients
    • Non-Traditional Avenues for Patient Advocacy: Advocating for Patients Outside of Clinic

    Marx, L., Myers M., Bender P., Berry L., Page K., Prada C., Rajakaruna C. Parents’ reflections of their initial visit to metabolic clinic: A qualitative study. Poster presented at: National Society of Genetic Counselors Annual Conference; November 2019; Salt Lake City, UT. 

    Marx, L., Berdella, M., Fried, M., Walker, P., Plachta, A., Langfelder-Schwind, E. The CFTR variant profile in the Hispanic and Latino population at a single CF center in New York City. Poster presented at: North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference; October 2017; Indianapolis, IN.