Nishaat Hussainbhoy, MS, CGC

Education: BSc. Molecular Biology & Genetics, McMaster University, 2011. MSc. Human Genetics, Sarah Lawrence College, 2014.

Areas of Expertise: Cancer, Prenatal, Healthy Genetics, IVF/PGD, Pediatric

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi

Affiliations & Disclosures: GeneScreen

Biography: Nishaat earned her master’s degree in Genetic Counselling at Sarah Lawrence College. She has over 5 years of clinical experience working in various roles as a prenatal, cancer and general genetic counselor in both the U.S and Canada. Nishaat is an American-Board Certified Genetic Counselor with primary interest in providing patients and their families with knowledge and risk assessment information to empower them to make informed decisions about their health. During her previous roles as a genetic counselor in Brooklyn, NY, Nishaat provided comprehensive risk assessment and counseling to patients of diverse backgrounds in the context of a known personal or family history of a genetic condition or cancer and in the context of abnormal prenatal screening, test, ultrasound results. Nishaat also enjoys participating in inter-professional educational opportunities and community outreach initiatives to increase access and knowledge about genetic counselling. In her most recent roles as a genetic counsellor at Credit Valley Hospital and Brooklyn Hospital, Nishaat also participated in the ongoing education of medical residents, midwifery students and genetic counselling students and was an active member of Patient Advisory Boards and Cancer Committees within the hospitals she worked for. Nishaat has a special interest in Cultural Competency in Genetic Counseling and wishes to find alternative methods to reduce barriers that arise due to race, religion, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, ability. Nishaat holds licenses in Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia.