Ronit Mazzoni, MS, LCGC

Education: B.A., Human Biology, Scripps College, 2005 and M.S., Genetic Counseling, Northwestern University, 2007

Areas of Expertise: Prenatal and Preconception Genetics, Pediatric Genetics, IVF/PGD/Donor Egg/Sperm Counseling

Affiliations and Disclosures: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Biography: Ronit earned her M.S. in genetic counseling from Northwestern University in 2007. She returned to her home state of California to practice prenatal genetics in a busy high-risk OBGYN group for a few years. She then moved to northern California where she works at a county hospital counseling patients for a variety of indications including prenatal and preconception, pediatric genetics, cancer genetics, and counseling about genetic testing with regard to IVF and donor egg and sperm. She is passionate about educating families about their family history risks, and well as helping families access services and support when they have a member of the family with a genetic condition or disability. She holds a genetic counseling license in California and is a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors.