Sickle Cell Disease: Invisible and Unpredictable

Mary Adeturinmo is a 25-year-old University graduate who studied Architecture. She also has Sickle Cell Disease. Due to health challenges, she has spent a lot of time in recovery as well as promoting and raising awareness for Sickle Cell Disease. She is part of the B Positive Choir which raises awareness about the importance of blood donations as well as Sickle Cell Disease. The B Positive Choir was a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent which helped spread their message to a wider audience. Mary also has a YouTube channel where she speaks on different issues she faces with this genetically inherited condition.

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Story Reference Points

Growing up with Sickle Cell Disease @ 6:48 
Living with Sickle Cell Disease at University outside of London @ 12:14
Living with Sickle Cell Disease and chronic pain as a young adult @ 20:32
Joining the B Positive Choir and encouraging blood donations @ 29:34
New Standards for Clinical Care of Adults with Sickle Cell Disease in the UK @ 38:16
The value of collaborative, empathic care @ 43:53
Social challenges of living with an invisible condition @ 47:58
Sickle Cell and Social Media @ 54:06
Knowing your carrier status and dating with Sickle Cell Disease @ 1:04

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