To Gift or Not to Gift that At-Home DNA Testing Kit? 

Over 20 million people are estimated to have done an at-home genetic test, most focused around ancestry testing, and the numbers jump each holiday season. Brianne Kirkpatrick is a certified genetic counselor and the founder of Watershed DNA, which includes a private practice genetic counseling service for individuals who are considering direct-to-consumer testing as well as individuals who have been surprised by the results of their direct-to-consumer testing. In this interview, Brianne shares some of the surprises and family secrets her clients have stumbled across after direct-to-consumer testing and gives some advice as to what to consider before gifting a kit or doing one yourself. 

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Story Reference Points

Brianne’s own family mystery “Where did Grandpa Ted go?” @ 3:00
Brianne founds Watershed DNA @ 6:34
Increase in DTC testing means more family secrets are revealed @ 11:12
Facebook support groups for those dealing with DNA Surprises @ 17:19
Brianne’s co-authored book in progress The DNA Guide for Adoptees. @ 19:46
Is a DNA test kit a good gift? @ 22:06
Two things most people don’t understand about DTC testing @ 24:40
Individuals share their #DNASurprise stories on Brianne’s site @ 28:50

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