Janine Mash is a certified genetic counselor and the founder of San Francisco Genetic Counseling, a private practice genetic counseling service. She specializes in reproductive and prenatal genetic counseling, which means that pregnancy loss and trisomies specifically have come up a lot in her career. Janine is passionate about Options Counseling as it relates to pregnancy—making sure that patients are aware of the available testing options and are able to make informed decisions about the many increasing number of testing options during pregnancy. Janine shares her own story of pregnancy loss as well as her perspective on Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS) and Expanded Carrier Screening.

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Story Reference Points

Janine’s path to genetic counseling and her experience in genetic testing labs as well as clinical practice @ 1:56 
Impact of trisomies and other aneuploidies on fertility and miscarriage @ 4:32
Aneuploidy in the context of IVF and PGS @ 10:04
Janine’s experience with her own miscarriage @ 12:20
Miscarriage… and recurrent miscarriage @ 15:12
Patient story related to genetic testing on products of conception (POC) @ 17:47
Changes in screening for trisomies during pregnancy—including Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS) @ 19:55
Options Counseling! @ 30:15
Expanded Carrier Screening @ 33:00
Normalization of pregnancy loss—and taking an active role in your pregnancy planning and decisions @ 37:54

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